August 12, 2008

Band of Outsiders

Band of Outsiders has been one of my favorite men's lines for the past few seasons. Recently, they have gotten more press because they have Michelle Williams doing their look book for their fall Boy line. I love the boyish look on women, especially since now-a-days people look so androgynous. Fashion is becoming something that is for everyone; to the point where anyone is able to wear anything. Women were always able to wear anything and there is nothing wrong about that. Now, a man in a skirt will turn heads or even a kilt (and has for many decades). Now men are able to wear "mantyhose" (as seen on The Cut). I love following what is going on with fashion, it fun to see it change and come back over and over again.

Now back to Band of Outsiders, they collaborated with Manolo Blahnik to do shows for their boy collection. Expect these to how up in my closet soon.

August 1, 2008

What's in the closet: The Skeleton Key

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is this key necklace that was given to me from my friend Wendy. It took about a year to find it. She first had one and I loved it so much I asked her to find me one too. I never thought she was going to find it, but she did.

It's something that is really classic and will never go out of style. I seem to be able to wear it with any kind of outfit, whether I'm dressed up or down.