June 27, 2009

Taking a Trip: Napa Valley (Part 1- The Wineries)

I had such a fun time going to Napa. I have never gone, even though I live in California. It was nice to get away from the city life for a second. We did a few wine tastings. My favorite was Del Dotto, which Will spent way too much money at. We were giving a tour of their caves, where they have their wines settle in their french oak barrels.

The tour guide was tasting with us... imagine doing that 3 to 4 times a day. Drinking for a living... and people think they can't have fun jobs. (:

That's Will on the bottom... pre-asian glow. Haha. I'll post the dinner we had later.

June 26, 2009

Moving is so annoying!! I barely have my stuff packed and trying to meet up with everybody is so tough!

I wanna eat as many super veggie burritos from the Mission District before I leave. Lol. Why is the Mexican food in California so much better than anywhere else here in the US? I have no idea...

I'm off to meet my brother for one. (:

I just came back from Napa Valley yesterday with my buddy Wilfred. I have some fun pics I will post later about it. The food and the wine was soooo good! I was just drinking all day yesterday, from 1pm until like 4 in the morning... and it's so funny because I wake up at 9am this morning feeling just refreshed but dehydrated.

What's in the Closet: Dior Tinkles Ring

I have been jumping hoops for this ring... I swear. It's been a whole 2 months until I received it from the Dior Boutique in Bloomingdale's. My company gave me a huge sum of gift cards (for my hard work, of course) and I wanted to spend it on this ring. The manager at the Dior took 1.5 months to finally get it for me from another Dior and I couldn't even use my gift cards because it went ahead and went on sale and they won't ship it to SF. I really didn't care for it to be on sale or not, I just wanted it. When it finally pick it up a week ago, it doesn't even fit! UGH! It's really annoying that I have to call to tell them it doesn't fit and then on top of that, they are sold out. Seriously!?! What am I suppose to do with this ring that is too small? It suffocates my chubby finger! Then the rep at Dior tells me that I'm lying about it being too small? Come on! Did you just really say that to me?!

Sorry guys, I'm ranting...

I hope your having a better day than I am right now.

June 25, 2009

Shoe Collection: Luella Bartley for Vans

Designer Vans are so comfy!!  I have a small collection of designer Vans and limited ones from when I use to collect sneakers all the time.  I have gotten rid of a lot in the past year.

I hate packing for my move.  It's so hard!  It also reminds me of how much stuff I have too.  I really need to condense it... even more.

June 18, 2009

What to Wear Daily: Alexander McQueen Dress

(All photos by Vy)

This is one of the coolest purchases I made this year and it will be something I will be wearing a lot this summer.  Its made out of jersey and it's really heavy (I mean it's yards and yards of fabric) but it's so well made and it could look so casual at the same time in a pair of flats.  The best part about this dress is the fact that the sleeves are attached to the dress, so it's this huge half circle almost (I know that's a bad description... lol).  It's almost like I'm a bat if I lift my arms.

I wore this to dinner with Vy at Coco500 in SOMA.  We went to Bourbon and Branch afterward (a regular spot for me) and then we got home in a limo.  I don't know how it ended like that... but it was a pretty epic night.

There was this couple next to us that were in their mid 40s, that were obviously on their first date.  The woman was a decently dressed woman, you can tell she was getting out of touch with fashion because of her age though.  The male was the same, but he was wearing what looked like a Jimmy Buffett Hawaiian shirt.  We were sitting insanely close to them, I mean I could hear everything!  The quote of the month was when she asked him:

W: So... describe yourself in 3 words...

M: (Leans in close to woman with a serious face) Rock N Roll!

Oh my goodness... we tried so HARD not to laugh.  Seriously... that was so EPIC!  I was sitting at the end of the restaurant that had a mirror next to me and the woman could totally see the reflection.  Is that what men really do?  Geez... because that just sucks.  It hurts to know that there are men that age that are like that out there.

June 13, 2009

"and if you say i'm not ok 
with miles to go
if you say there ain't no way that i could know 
if you say i aim too high from down below 
well, say it now 'cause when i'm gone 
you'll be callin' but i won't be at the phone"

-Lykke Li

June 11, 2009

The Cage Boot

Damn you Barney's for selling out... and Net-A-Porter for never carrying my size in the first place.  I needed you to be my birthday shoes I got this year.  I guess I will stick with the 3 dresses I bought instead. Some of the best purchases I made this year.  You'll see it in a post soon! (Honestly, I've been laptopless for 2 months now!)

Anyways... I'm working on a fun project with a good friend.  I'm really excited about it.  I'll hopefully post some fun info during the process... maybe even a video (if Vy doesn't mind doing that, lol).

June 9, 2009

"Take my picture... I feel beautiful tonight..."

-Lisa from WP