February 18, 2010

Watch it.

Click HERE.

Old video... I remember watching this when I was a younger. Tim Blanks is the man... I saw him at Milk Studios and it was like seeing Walter Cronkite. I was amazed that people that work in fashion didn't even recognize him.

February 16, 2010

The Show Day (and then some...)

I had a great day on Sunday... It consisted of me getting up and going directly to Bryant Park at 7:30am. We prepped for the show and on it went t 10:20am and 5 minutes later it was all over. The hours and hours of hard work. There were then press interviews for Lela and then we all met back at the office and get all the pieces somewhat organized for Buyers in the showroom.

Off we went to Supper for brunch, where we were served a 9 course meal (that included 3 different desserts). I had a Will in town, as well, that I had to show around, but he basically saw how exhausted I was that he just went ahead and did his own thing while I took a nap. The production team that did Lela's show was also doing a presentation at Milk Studios later in the evening and invited the team. There were 5 presentations going on all at once. I ran into Zana, which I haven't seen since she moved here months ago. She was with a bunch of bloggers as well. Will came by the show, just a little second late and they were done with their presentations... so we stayed a little afterward to have French Manhattans and Classic Manhattans (courtesy of Woodford Reserve and Billy Reid) and danced a little bit while this band played in one of the rooms. I really loved Billy Reid and Staerk presentations. I got so distracted to even see the others.

I left Milk and decided to not go to the after party at B East. Instead, I decided to go to D & Co to see my friends there to have a celebratory drink. (I think it will officially be a ritual for me now, since this is the second fashion week I have done that.) I didn't realize it was Valentine's day, until the Father Bill mentioned it and kindly decided to buy my cocktail.

Now since Monday, I've been trying to relax, but Will was still here. It is always about indulging in the senses with him. In the evening, we were off to see a friend at Ssam Bar... then another at Ten Degrees and PDT. Will can't live without the Benton's old fashioned and tater tots.

I still haven't had much sleep. Everything has just been nonstop. I'm off to the showroom tomorrow... I'm like the energizer bunny. I just keep going and going.

Lela Rose Fall 2010

With Lela's collection this season... it was really hard to choose a favorite. Pictures of her pieces do not do them any justice. Especially since I got to see them being produced. Quite possibly my favorite was this deep electric blue knee length. It was the simplicity, color and draping that looked breathtaking. Malene, the model, was especially sweet and loved the piece which made it look even better walking down the runway.

They were trying to get a gown made in the same fabric but the production house could not get them the fabric in time. I can't wait to see the gown produced in the fabric. Simply... AMAZING!

Taylor looked amazing in her final piece.

(From Style.com and Stylelist.com)

February 11, 2010


While I was preparing for the show this morning, I heard from someone that Alexander McQueen has passed. I am a HUGE HUGE McQueen fan... so to hear this saddens me so deeply. I always felt that if I were ever able to go to a McQueen show in Paris, that will be that day I have made it. I can't believe that will never happen. I know he is put under so much pressure. It's amazing to see how he tops each season, EVERY single time. He is so incredibly talented. He's one of the reasons why I even wanted to pursue something in the industry in the first place. I will continue to be in shock.

During model fittings today, one of the girls started crying about it. She said that, "he always treated his girls very well and was always very kind." That was really good to hear, because people in this industry (especially with his talent) are still nice. He was truly one of a kind.

Edit: This is an interesting interview he did with his mother in 2004. Check what it says at the end about being proud.

February 10, 2010

NYFW 2010 Begins...

Even though I continue to assist Rachel... I took another opportunity with another designer this fashion week. I don't want to tell you yet, but here is a sneak peek of the walls of her showroom via my Blackberry.

I can't believe I sat through 15 fittings with all the models being on time. The snow blizzard here just isn't stopping anyone!

February 9, 2010

What's in the Closet: Phi knit and leather gloves + vintage Chanel ring

It's a huge shame that Phi had to fold. I loves Phi's stuff... and it's harder to find when you don't live in NYC. These gloves are so well made and buttery soft. I like the concept of the attached knit sleeves. I wish they could detach. These were Fall 2009.

I got this vintage ring at a consignment shop here in NYC a few months back. It's incredibly heavy... When I first saw it, I didn't really realize it was Chanel. What drew me to it was the size of the ring, how it looked like a men's ring and the crest/shield.