December 25, 2008


(Picture taken by Vee @ Chow)

It's been kind of hectic for me in the past week. I'm trying to get a transfer with my job in NYC, plus it's the holidays. So everything is pretty insane. I will start to post things more normally soon. Happy Holidays guys!

What I Want: For the Holidays...

I went online shopping on

Here are my choices:

Maison Martin Margiela Cape and Jacket

MMM Belt and Stella Mccartney boots

December 19, 2008

Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit Cancelled!

I hate the economic crisis effecting the whole world.  Chanel announced today that they are canceling the mobile art exhibit.  Sorry London, Paris and Moscow... the fashion gods are depriving you of that luxury...

December 17, 2008

What to Wear Daily: Bow Tie (Version 2)

(MJ jacket, black fabric used as a belt, cashmere yellow sweater, vintage black skirt, Swarovski triangle ring)

December 16, 2008


Some friends came by to visit me in SF and we stopped by this really cool Chinese restaurant called Eric's in Noe Valley.

Here are the fortunes that we got. John actually ended up getting 2 in 1. Guess which one is mine... (:

December 13, 2008

What to Wear Daily: Cold Days

The weather has been gloomy lately (it's kind of always that way here) but there is a nice chill.

(Rick Owens jacket, dark Diesel Jeans, Dior Cannage boots, H&M scarf, Gap belt)

December 12, 2008

What to Wear Daily: Bow Tie

I was trying to figure out what to wear today... and this is what I came up with. I think I should start doing inspiration boards instead of trying to memorize everything. Does it look like I just woke up? Lol... I know I look bad... I haven't been able to sleep lately. I've been a little stressed.

Here I wear a Zara black tux shirt with extra fabric I made into a bow tie, Moschino fish tail skirt in deep purple, Target tights n dark grey and Dior flower pumps. I'm usually not a fan of logo anything, but I was the flower I was in love with.
Here is a close up of the shoes:

December 10, 2008

Just Purchased: Bottega Veneta Booties F/W 2008

These are so comfortable considering the 4.5" heel. These are made with the softest buttery leather. These look really plain from what I normally purchase, but it was the settle sculpted heel that got me.

Here are the details:

Shoe Collection: In time for the Christmas Holidays.

These are one of my favorites (well technically all of my shoes are my favorites.) I had to flag these down at the MJ Collection store on Melrose in the Fall of 2006. I really loved the shoes from this collection. The cutout heel is to die for.

Here are the details:

Yes, I know... I know I own a lot of MJ shoes. I can't help it.

December 5, 2008

Spotted: Retro Fit Boutique

I had a day off today and I went strolling around the Mission District. While John stopped by a bike shop, I went next door into Retro Fit, and it turns out that the guest from Project Runway Season 5, owns the store. Trying to figure out who? Let me refresh your memory...

It's LeMay! Jerell had to designed an outfit for him. He was the only one working in the store and the dress was on the display. It was really entertaining to see.

December 4, 2008

Just Purchased: Marc Jacobs Collection F/w 2008 boots

I get shoes from MJ every season. This was my pick this time. It was really hard to find anything I liked in my size. I had the Las Vegas store go ahead and ship them to me. Here are the details:

Movie Soundtracks

One of my most favorite bands is M83, which was named after the spiral galaxy Messier 83. The group was founded in Antibes, France in 2001 by lead singer Anthony Gonzalez. They are considered to be of this music genre called shoegaze, which gives the same amount of emphasis on softly spoken vocal lyrics and instrumentation.

Sometimes I watch movies and think that it could've been so much better if it had a better soundtrack. I know that the movie would have to get the artists rights and blah blah blah... but if I was a director, producer, or whatever in a movie, I'd think that music would be a big of an impact as the lines in the movie because it sets a tone.

I'll probably post a faux movie soundtrack soon... for very specific parts of a movie. Since I'm such a music fanatic and all.

On another note, doesn't this M83 album cover look like it could be a McQ ad? Seriously...

December 3, 2008

What's in the Closet: Shoe Faves

Vy came over my apartment to hang out and have a drink. I was showing her more of my extensive collection of shoes, when she mentioned she wanted to take a picture of a few of my favorites.

The picture didn't turn out a clear as it could've been but it was a lot of fun doing it.

The majority of the collection includes Marc Jacobs, Manolo Blahnik, Dior, Lanvin, Chanel, and Alexander McQueen.

This is actually her with my Thomas Wylde bag:

December 2, 2008

Spotted: Orignal Louis Vuitton Graffiti bag

While I was on the bus going up Van Ness, this well-dressed, handsome man (probably gay, I'm sure. Aren't they always? Lol.) was carrying a Louis Vuitton Graffiti bag. I actually took this picture this weekend, before the news broke yesterday about Marc Jacobs reviving Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton next month.

I just love how I live in the only city where it's OK, no matter how much money you make or what you were, you can still be riding around on a bus.

December 1, 2008

What to Wear Daily: In the cold SF rain

One of my really good friends, Vy, loves to photograph everything. While we were waiting for the Muni and Bart stations, she went ahead and snapped some pictures of me and my brother with her film camera. I love the old way of not knowing how the picture is going to turn out until you develop it.

Everything my brother is wearing was thrifted besides his leather Keds lace-up shoes and scarf he got in Vietnam.

Me: D&G wool green blazer, H&M scarf in mustard, Tavernini dark skinny jeans and Vivienne Westwood pirate boots in dark tan.