November 29, 2008

Tuesday at Saks Fifth Ave

I heard there was a huge sale at Saks and immediately went there earlier this week on Tuesday. Turn out they started their sale before Black Friday.

This was their selection at 3PM that day.

It was completely gone! It was such a mess in there and everything was picked through. I don't like shopping in crowds and I didn't see anything that stood out to me, so I left with nothing. (Sigh.)

There is always next time.

November 28, 2008

What you wanted: Chanel Mag (The Last Crusade)

This is the last of it.


(Please click to enlarge.)

Just Purchased: Thomas Wylde handbag

Sorry about the hiatus. It's been difficult for the past week or so with work and the holidays. I recently got a few things that I've been dying to share though.

First up, a Thomas Wylde handbag that I've been dying to own. They are pretty hard to find (if you look at their store listings, it only shows that Maxfields in L.A. carries their products in California) and pretty pricey, but I think it's completely worth it because of the craftsmanship.
The crinkled leather, the metal chain handle and the lining of the interior of the bag is amazing!

If none of you have never heard the label, it was created by Paula Thomas, a former model, actress, muse and since 2003, head designer of her own rock n roll inspired line. Thomas met well-known knitwear designer, Julien MacDonald, as a model and co-designed collections, styled models, produced shows and increased market sales, which led to MacDonald's position at Givenchy. Then later, she worked with Stefano Guerriero of Versace and Jenni Kanye, helping to increase their brands.

The British-born native now resides happily in L.A.

These are the details:

November 22, 2008

Shoe Collection: Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2004

I am a self professed sneaker head. Well at least I use to be. I went through this huge phase were I wanted to collect Vans and Chucks that were only Made in the USA (which both of them aren't now, hence making them rare and harder to find). Anything that was limited I had and owned. I stopped about 4 years ago. I didn't wear them enough and I started to change what I wore more often (flat dress shoes and heels of course) and I got the designer shoe buzz that wouldn't go away. It's like when you get one pair the rest just will never look as good. You get spoiled really. Now, my whole closet looks like that. You will never see me own a pair of Steve Maddens or Nine West shoes (no offense to the people that do). I worked in a shoe department for way too long (5 years to be exact) to not notice poorly made shoes that were a horrendous knock off of the beauties I'd see on the runway.

Now if I buy a pair of Pumas, they have to be a a designer collaboration, for example, I'm obsessed with Alexander McQueen for Puma. It's like the best of both worlds for me.

These sneakers were a part of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line in Spring 2004. I have worn these to death since I got them. So much, I got a second pair, which I have never worn yet, just in case my other ones fall apart. I was so in love with the sneakers that I also have them in a different color that are high tops... but I'll save that for another post.
These cost a lot more than I would want to spend on sneakers, especially since I was use to buying vans that cost about $40, but they are so worth it. I haven't seen anyone ever strolling around in these and it makes me feel like it's worth it. People in other blogs complain about how sneakers don't look attractive, they only wear heels, blah blah blah... they need to get over themselves. If you were going to be walking around all day long somewhere like an art museum or Disneyland (which a lot of adults love to go to) then you are not trying to wear a pair of high heels. We are not all Victoria Beckham, people!

Plus you can have some fun with it. You can definitely still be stylish in a pair of kicks. Like how it was styled during the runway show here:

Here are the details:

November 18, 2008

Taking a trip to... Prada.

Even though the SF Prada store has been open for a while, I finally didn't get to step in until a few days ago. It had a great sleek design and everything was thoughtfully laid out. The window displays are to die for as well.

I came in there to find a particular pair of their shoes, which they ended up not having on display. Maybe it's sold out? I just didn't bother asking. It was my last stop of the day and I just really didn't want to bother. But I did find this amazing leather 3/4 sleeve coat. If I had $4,475 laying around, this amazing thing would be sitting in my closet. Ahh.... shame. But I could always hope.
Here are the details:


I don't know how much more moving I can really handle. But this is going to be my last move in SF for sure. I'm back in the area that I should be in. Yay!

But seriously, my room is so ridiculously small, I could barely handle it... and my shoes can barely handle it. My room is just filled with boxes everywhere and I don't know how it's going to work. *sigh*

Moving is just plain stressful.
I just need to learn to narrow it down to the essentials.

November 17, 2008

Marc Jacobs F/W 2008 for 70% off!

Run ladies and gents! I got an email today announcing that the whole F/W 2008 collection is now 70% off. Yay!

If you are not near a store, check on their website for one to the stores listings. Just as long as you know what you want, they will ship anywhere!

What to Wear Daily: Rope scarf

(worn with Paul & Joe for Target navy jacket)

My friend Vy gave me this awesome scarf because she didn't know what to do with it. It's 6 large pieces of yarn and it's pretty cool. I'm trying to find out cool ways to wear the piece. I'll try to take photos whenever I end up wearing it.

What you wanted: Chanel Mag (Part Deux)

Please click to enlarge.

November 14, 2008

Luxury-Goods get the mark down!

Today, The Wall Street Journal announced that "luxury-goods makers are cutting prices on designer apparel, shoes and handbags in the U.S. market." Prices where slashed 8% -10% at companies like Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Chloe and Versace.

Yay! Especially, when everything was rising so high when it came to luxury goods.

Speaking of luxury goods getting marked down, I went to the Marc Jacobs Collection store on Maiden Lane to get this ring from F/W 2008 runway. They weren't sure if it was even produced. So, I've been calling all the stores frantically looking for it. Also, I kept on getting emails from the Melrose store and Bal Harbour store telling that they were going to have their first sale on the whole collection for 40% off (except handbags of course).

Turns out that even though there was a piece on their runway, it doesn't mean it was actually produced. But, they might normally have it in their showroom. So, if you can get with one of their reps in their store, normally they can go ahead and get the one-of-a-kind piece from the showroom that was the exact piece from the runway. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

What to Wear Daily: Table Cloth

(Plaid table cloth worn as scarf, Sandra Angelozzi brown leather blazer from Chicago, Threadless black guitar shirt, Diesel dark jeans, Marc Jacobs Collection red satin shoes)

I was over my friend Vy's place in the lower Haight and she was able to take this picture of me, where my head looks disconnected from my body. (:

The "scarf" that I'm wearing is actually thrifted and I use it as a scarf. The scarf is just as tall as me and I need to roll it up to shorten it. I really didn't realize it was a table cloth until I was on my way to her house. I took a look at the tag that said this:

Funny find.

I found this at a market in the Financial District off of Spear Street. The names that people come up with products... is hilarious sometimes. Is this suppose to make people think having a drink like this actually works for a low low price of $2.99? Lol.

November 12, 2008

What you wanted: Chanel Mag (Part One)

Since you guys requested it... here it is... but I have to put it in a few posts. It's a thick magazine and I couldn't take pics of all the pages but these are the most important ones (at least I think).


What to Wear Daily: Rick Owens

(Rick Owens Lillies sweater, Rock and Republic skinny jeans, Ann Demeulemeester black wedge boots)

This pale green sweater/jacket is the only thing I purchased for myself in NYC. I went there looking for very specific designers when I was shopping. I actually told myself that I didn't want to go crazy like I did before on my last trip (5 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets and tons of dress, shirts and shoes + all the stuff I bought for everyone else). So, I have this philosophy when I shop. If I notice myself walking around and thinking about the piece so much, enough to want to go back and grab it, then it was meant to be. I found this in a completely different area too. So when I tried on this Rick Owens Lillies sweater, there was such a huge smile on my face. I have always wanted to own something of his, but his stuff is either way to out there and way too expensive. Since, I was on vacation, I figure that I could splurge on something. Since, everyone has been effected by the economy, including me... I shouldn't be spending money like they grow on trees. Also, I wouldn't want to be in any crazy credit debt either. I buy all my clothes with cash, so I won't feel so bad later.

November 11, 2008

What to Wear Daily: Cheap and Chic

(Moschino Cheap and Chic jacket, Alice Temperley for Target black long sleeve dress, black tights with poc-a-dot tights from Target, wine colored Marc Jacobs Collection lace ups and unknown scarf)

The pictures that are taken were really high resolution quality, but every time I re-size a photo (in Paint program... haha) it gets really grainy. Also, don't mind the random flash going on... John just got this camera and he doesn't know what he is doing.. So I really didn't know when he was taking a picture or not.

I had some friends and family come over to raid my closet. *sigh* I've moved so much and I've gotten rid of so much, because in the short amount of time I've been in SF... I moved 4 different times. Each time so many pieces get taken away... it's hard for me to let go of stuff, but I figure if someone will enjoy it way more than I can, then why not?

November 10, 2008

What to Wear Daily: MJ Peter Pan coat

(MJ coat, Issac Mizarhi satin v-neck dress, Dolce and Gabanna black kitten heels with widows peak)

Sorry that this isn't the best picture. It's really hard to capture things when your on the SF muni. This is a coat I would treasure for years to come and I'm never going to let it go. This coat was from Marc Jacobs Fall 2004 collection. One of my favorite collections I think that he has produced that is timeless and very feminine. This particular coat has been imitated for years. You can literally try to look for this coat on eBay and find one that is an absolute knock-off! There is no way a fake would have all the amazing details that it really has.

November 7, 2008

Shoe collection: Alaia Booties F/W 2007

I have a extensive shoe collection, so I decided to to why not show a pair once a week, since I'm so weird about taking photos. Really it's more like I don't have anyone around to take a photo of me.

Since it is fall, I figure a pair of spotted pony hair Alaia booties will suit well.

For the love of Karl.

The last actual full day I was in NYC... I made a trip, by my lonesome, to go see the Chanel Mobile Art Exhibit. I googled it on my phone to figure out where it was and I had no clue, except it was in Central Park which stretches a million and one blocks it seems.

After passing by The MET and too many street vendors, I finally stopped by a hot dog stand, where someone close by (a student from U. Mass) said she was going to the same spot. We walked together there and found a line that was out of control at 4:00pm. One of the guys that were working there said it would be until 7pm until we got in. She couldn't wait that long, but I was willing. This was something I wanted to see the most when I was there; solely because NYC was going to be the only city that was in the U.S. showing the exhibit. So, for the love of Karl, I waited in that line in the cold for hours by myself until my toes felt like they were going to fall off... and the only way to keep warm was to run in place. Lol. It was sad really...

But when I finally got in... it was so great. It was a 35 minute tour of the exhibit, that was so amazingly organized. Everyone that was working looked like they were hired from Ford Models because there was no one shorter than 5'10" and good looking. When you got to the front, they would only let you in if someone didn't come for reservations and they would let in 2 at a time. You would listen to a custom-made Chanel Ipod that would tell you when to stand up, turn left or right to see all the commissioned pieces. At the end, they gave you a magazine that was made only for the NYC exhibit.
Seriously, if the exhibit is coming to a city near you, you should go. I mean it's free... which is unbelievable. I would gladly pay to be able to see anything like from the mastermind of Karl.

(If you guys wanted to see pics to the magazine, hit me up in the comments and I'll put up anther post for that.)

November 5, 2008


It was crazy tonight all over SF... there was so much excitement and noise being made.

I have been watching CNN for the last 24 hours and all the reporters make it such a huge deal that he is black... how it was never in our lifetime, going to actually happen and it did.

One thing that I wanted to say is, Barack isn't just a black man, but he is a colored man. America is the land of opportunity to so many people of so many races and colors. Barack win represents all races and cultures winning (because America is a melting pot of so many) and it's exciting event in history to be a part of.


McQ for Target!

I know everyone in the fashion world has heard this, but Alexander McQueen will be doing a collection based on his McQ line for Target in March.

I was so excited to hear this and I can't believe it. If you don't already know, he has been my favorite designer since I laid eyes on his collections. So expect me to have almost all of his pieces for Target. Just recently in the past couple seasons his items have been a little easier to find, but they cost so much... so I only have a few.

I actually lost my Alexander McQueen skull scarf a few months ago and that HURT! I have owned it since his Shipwreck Collection in Spring 2003 and my chiffon scarf was so tattered and worn in... I literally have an emotional attachment to it. I wore that thing like it never went out of style and I wore it every single way I could. Someone out in SF right now has scored big with getting that thing. I have been hesitating on getting another one because it just will never be the same.

Consignment in Soho: Ina

While I was in NYC for the past few days I went roaming around by myself in Soho. I've have been in Soho before but not during the day. It has changed so much since the last time I was there and I tried to sink it all in. Soho is just amazing... it looks unreal to me because I recognize all these streets from photos taken on the street blogs. To me Soho is how I have always pictured New York... people were dressed so well and there was just so much culture everywhere. I saw a few street bloggers as well.

I actually secretly wanted to see The Sartorialist and somehow get photographed for his site but I knew it wasn't going to happen. Lol.

I know that Soho is just expensive in general, but I still wanted to check it out what it had to offer. I went to NYC thinking to find things I can't find normally, so I already had in mind which designers to look for and which stores to go to. So, I went to a few vintage shops and consignment stores. One of the stores I really liked was Ina, yet it was really overpriced for a consignment store. All the items in the store were either still currently and barely even used at all. I took a photo of this item by J. Mendel.

It was such an amazing piece. It was a little over $900 for it, and from far away it looks like it's knit, but it's actually made of fur. I'm not a fur fan at all. I have a few pieces I've bought in the past that are faux fur but that is as far as I will go. But this piece was as light as a feather and so impeccably made. It was insane to see this in person. Here are a few details (please click to enlarge):

Since I was by myself the majority of the time there during the day, I never got any pictures of myself in NYC, but I have a good amount from the places I've gone. I had a memorable time because of my friend Denise and no one else could have been able to give me an experience like that. I'm extremely thankful for everything she has done. I will post more in the next few days.