October 26, 2008

What to Wear Daily: Is that a fake?

While I was at work... I was asked a question that I have never been asked. Let me first show you what I was wearing (minus me of course... I don't know why I'm not ready to post pictures of myself on here yet.)

Client: Oh... I love your coat!

Me: Thanks... it's one of my favorite pieces I own.

Client: Is it fake Chanel?

Me: (laughs) There's no reason to have this if it was going to be fake.

Client: Yeah... you are right.

And then we started to discuss about counterfeiting. I have done a few posts about counterfeiting and I will never support it. It's the reason why Louis Vuitton is too expensive to afford. I remember my friend telling me that she had to go to work to do inventory at the Louis Vuitton store here in the SF. They actually do a 10% mark up twice a year. Companies like Chanel and LVMH lose millions of dollars because people continue to do this. It really needs to stop. I would rather wear a label less bag any day compared to something counterfeit. What is the use of wearing something that is suppose to symbolize status when you technically don't have it... right?

Here are
some fun detail pics of my outfit. (Chanel cashmere tweed jacket, Mossimo for Target gray linen dress, Marc Jacobs Collection crocodile ivory shoes, vintage and H&M necklaces and MJ rat ring)

I'm sorry I've been holding back with all my good stuff I have. I will honestly try to post more with what I have been wearing.

October 23, 2008

Taking a trip.

I haven't been a plane for a while. Normally, I take as many trips as a can; short or long.

Next week I'm going to NYC. It's been like 3-4 years since my last one and I'm anxious. I'm going to take the big step and finally move there and take my chances in January. It is starting to feel like it's gettng down to the wire too. Yet, it feels liberating already and I'm not even there. Who knows how I will feel when I get there. (:

I'm sad I'm already leaving SF. Except I'm not going to go without moving one last time, back to the Castro which I'm really thrilled about.

While I'm thinking about things to pack, I'm going to post pics up for you guys.

October 16, 2008

Chanel Gun shoes by Laurence Decade

So, my friend Jackie told me that she wanted to splurge for once ad get something she really really wanted. When these came out we were just guessing how much they would be. I was thinking maybe $895 would be about right, but I was soooo wrong.

These puppies (shown on Leigh Lezark from The Sartorialist) are a whooping $2200. Ouch! Karl... you just know how to make a girl charge up her credit card! *Sigh* God, but even though it has that hefty price... I still want them.

Free Access: SF Opera performance of Idomeneo

This is how I scored these tickets from a client of mine....

H: So who do you work for?
C: I've been working for the San Francisco Opera for many years...
H: Oh really? I have always wanted to go to the Opera!
C: I always get free tickets, but only last minute. I'll give you a call when I get any.

Honestly, I thought I was never going to hear from this guy ever again, but he called me the next week. I was so excited! The opera is a completely different scene for me. The experience was amazing! Even though John was falling asleep. Poor thing works too much!

I couldn't take any pictures, but I took one of the ceiling... which looked pretty awesome to me. (:
Also, I got orchestra seats... so I scored real big!

The show was so emotional and the stage effects and everything were so great. The fake lightening was great and the props. The opera singers voices are phenomenal. I can't believe they can project their voices like that. It's unreal. Their costumes were amazing too; the colors and craftsmanship. I would LOVE to be able to see their costumes up close and personal.

I suggest you guys trying something new and out of the ordinary and see what doors open for you.

October 5, 2008

Free Access: Sigur Ros @ Greek Theatre

Don't mind the camera phone quality, but the show was breathtaking. It started to rain during their encore, which everyone didn't mind. I have never been to a show were it has actually rained. Fall is now truly here.

October 2, 2008

Fall Cleaning: Letting go.


So I'm planning to move again soon. A move that will take me way too far... away from my native California. *sigh* So, I've been trying to get rid of a lot of my stuff, such as my closet. I've been editing it down a lot. Even though what I still have is an insane amount, I still need to continue to cut it down. I've given away so many things. Besides furniture, kitchen supplies and televisions, I had to give away about 30 pairs of shoes... yet I still have so many... in the 3 figure range, so I figured I'm going to off it on eBay. Especially the stuff that I have bought that made large holes on my B of A debit card, that are literally unworn, because they simply are too big or small. It's a shame really and it makes me sad, but it's relieving at the same time, because the only things that cause a mess in my poor room are my clothes. So, my monstrous stacks of shoes and clothes are slowing going down.

I'm planning to get rid of Alaia, Zac Posen, Stella Mccartney and Alexander McQueen's this week. ))): It pains me to say it. More will come soon.

Sorry I just needed to vent a little about it.