June 30, 2008

Paris Couture Fashion Week...

Expect to see a ton of A-Lister's being photographed during this week's Paris Couture Fashion shows. I'm really excited to see them... but are you?!

According to WWD, "
expected at Giorgio Armani Privé tonight are Helen Mirren, Kerry Washington, Zhang Ziyi, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Caroline Kennedy while Claudia Schiffer, Sofia Coppola and Ayo have all RSVP'd yes to Chanel's Tuesday show."

Also, expect me to have coverage from the collections this week...

Window Watching: The Gay Pride Parade.

Today in SF, there was the Gay Pride Parade. It consisted with a lot of people, either half naked or clothed in rainbow colors, running all of the streets filled with drunken happiness. I felt so sad that I could be one of those people, because my job permits me from enjoying events that lie on the weekend. I just got to watch everyone have fun from the wall-to-wall bay windows at my work. *sigh*

But I did get a picture of the display at Barney's that encouraged what was going on in the city. I love that.

June 29, 2008

Barney's Lanvin Window

While I was walking around late in Union Square in SF tonight, I glanced at the Barney's Lanvin window. The large fly was actually made out of really cool fly-swatters. I couldn't help but marvel at the window. Out of all the windows I've seen in SF after so many years... this has to be one of my favorite ones. No wonder why Barney's is so well-known for their window displays. (:

June 25, 2008

Vivienne Westwood Menswear Sping 2009

Vivienne Westwood is one of the most innovative designers in the past three decades. She originally started with her "Sex" store in London with Malcolm McLaren (manager of The Sex Pistols) in the punk rock 70s. She has no formal training and has been an inspiration for future designers and artists for years to come.

If you didn't know, Westwood had her Spring 2009 Menswear show in Milan on the Sunday. The collection was great to see (with all 50 looks) because there was something for every type of man. Her cast of models for her show were such a wide range; the business man, hip hop artist, rock star, the prep, etc.) I didn't see a particular type of man she was targeting to buy her clothing.

Even for men like Sergio Lo Re, an actor and bodyguard signed to New Faces Models/Actors in Milan. Again, Westwood is pushing the boundaries. Le Re, is ideally not the right figure, for a male model, but he fits a different demographic that you don't think would be a Westwood customer. I love the fact that even though this is very subtle, this is pushing the envelope, which is something she always does.

(Pictures courtesy of NY Magazine.)

MJ names a bag after a blogger...

(Bryan Boy with his Marc Jacobs BB bag; photo credit given via his blog)

Come on MJ... you know I love you and your work. Why couldn't I be the first blogger? You could name one after me? I mean I only spend more than half of my salary on your company... you can at least name one little bag, from one of your dozens of shows after me... right? I mean why? Why did you have to give it to Bryan Boy first?

Marc Jacobs has named this pretty ostrich green leather bag that was worn by Ekat Kiseleva, during signature Fall 2008 runway show, after blogger Bryan Boy.

After reading this news, I checked out Bryan Boy's website. He is a funny hilarious guy. I could see why he gets so many hits a day. Bryan Boy is a celebrity blogger that is semi-fashion, semi-into-himself, extremely flambouyant party-goer from the Philippines.
He is one of the lucky bloggers that has been able to go to some fashion shows around the world because of his extensive posts about fashion. It's a great way to get the world connected with fashion that isn't always accessible to rest if world.

I love how the media is starting to shift. The world of online blogging is going to start to get even more intense and I'm glad I'm a small part of it.

Congratulations on the bag Bryan Boy!

Jacobs the Jeweller got his money from drugs?!

(Sean Puffy Combs with Jacob the Jeweller)

Jacob Arabo, more commonly known as Jacob the Jeweller, has been making bling for celebrities for years. Any one from Puffy to Jessica Simpson. When I found out today, via The Cut, that he got arrested on the 15th of June. It was scandalous but it didn't surprise me at all.

People that make a lot of money, need to find easier ways to make even more money...
So to find out that he has laundered $270 million worth of narcotics, it didn't make me gasp. He was doing it for Detroit based The Black Mafia... shady... shady... shady!

June 21, 2008

Just Purchased: Marc Jacobs Rat Ring

I just got the coolest thing in the mail. Just like every season, I sometimes buy something from the MJ stores without even seeing it. I have been buying a lot more jewelry than normal, just because it is an item that I could actually wear everyday... assuming that I will never lose it, of course. So, I naturally, went ahead and went to the MJ Collection Store on Maiden Lane to check out their jewelry they had. He had a lot of rings that were huge... I mean HUGE! I'm talking... it's a huge 1" x 3" rectangle that looks like brass knuckles huge. Either nothing really caught my eye or... of course it was a few hundred (or thousand) dollars more than I wanted to spend.

When I heard from the associates at the MJ store in SF that they didn't have any more of their Rat Rings (that were a lot smaller in size) left from their Spring 2008 collection, I immediately wanted one... as soon as possible.

So when I called the MJ store in Bal Harbor, FL., they went ahead and shipped me the last one they had. I already had a general idea of what it would look like (since I have been a customer of MJ's for years) but I wasn't totally sure. I just went ahead and bought it even though I never really even saw it. So, when I received it, I was so excited to find out that it looked so great!

June 20, 2008

Designer to Watch: Nicohlas Kirkwood

From Refinery 29:

"Nicholas Kirkwood has earned many accolades since his Spring '05 debut, but as Fashion Week approaches, the young, London-based shoe designer is as pressed as anyone to get ready for the runway. With a fine arts foundation at Central Saint Martin's, Nicholas worked for Britain's mad milliner, Philip Treacy, before studying shoemaking at Cordwainers College in East London. Previous seasons have been coveted at Harrod's, and his latest will soon grace Bergdorf Goodman's main floor. Look for his work at the Anne Christensen-styled Cynthia Steffee show on Monday, February 6, and at the upcoming Sharon Wauchob show in Paris. Nicholas was in Bologna last Friday, putting on his finishing touches. Here, he talks to Refinery29 about his process behind-the-scenes and what comes out on the other side."

My jaw dropped when I found out that Nicohlas Kirkwood will be a part of Topshop's New Generation Line in London in the fall. Kirkwood has been my favorite new shoe designer. I just randomly ran into a pair of his shoes at Bloomingdales in SF about a year ago. They were amazing gold and linen peep toe shoes, except they were in a euro 36.5 and they just wanted to slip off. I went back to Bloomingdales the next season to find them carrying just his semi plain gold pumps that were sold out of my size. This guy only has one store (The Look Boutique in SF) in Northern California that is charging a lot for a pair of his amazing shoes... *sigh* Shame... I would love a pair of these:

I want them... even though they were never really produced. They were actually only for show. Maybe one day, he'll be custom making shoes to fit my foot, just like how Christian Louboutin still does it.

Or maybe these:

I guess I'll just have to wait for next season...

Steal of a Deal: Premium Denim

So... I never thought to ever buy a pair of Rock & Republic jeans... at least not until I saw that they were 75% off at Nordstrom Rack... so they came in for a little over $30 (for a pair of $200 jeans). They are a pair of black skinny jeans...

With actual skulls embroidered in the back, which I didn't really notice until I got home. Here is a close up. Make sure you click on the picture to see a real close up.

Even the buttons were cool...

June 16, 2008

End of the Season= Sales!

(Marc Jacobs Collection Misplaced hell shoe; Spring 2008 from Style.com)

So John Wade from the L.A. Marc Jacobs store on Melrose sent me a email a little over a week ago saying that all Marc Jacobs Spring '08 and Resort shoes were 70% off. I called every single store in the US to see if they had them. These were the only pair I really have been waiting for this whole season. None of the stores had these in my size... in any color.

I was so disappointed. Turns out when they came out... they were sold out company wide. So I went ahead and called all major department stores; Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom, Barney's... you name it... I called. They also sold out too. UGH!!!

When I came into the store when I got the email from Wade, I saw a pair but in a size euro 40... what a TEASE!!!
Now, until I get a pair... I'll be dreaming about them. *sigh*

June 14, 2008

Saddle up.

Since my feet have been killing me lately, I choose to wear flat boots to walk around in all day.

Paul & Joe for Target jacket
Bright green scarf
H&M horse pattern dress
Dior Cannage brown saddle boots

Here is a close up of the patterns of the dress and boots:

June 13, 2008

What to Wear Daily: The High-heeled Boots.

I'm really picky about shoes. Alright... alright I admit it... I'm kind of a shoe snob. I only worked in a major department store's shoe depart for almost half a decade. But when I knew I was going to be running around, I wanted a pair of comfortable boots with a relatively high heel. I'm really short, so I need a little help.

When I went to Nordstrom Rack (one of my favorite discount stores), I found these G Series boots. G Series collaborated with Nike Air, to create more comfortable shoes. Really nice tan leather and the boots are mid calf, so I could wear them with jeans or dresses. I also love the fact I could actually roll down the boot to make it a shorter boot.

Too bad one time, while I was working at the old magazine, he had me pass out fliers for this event that they were throwing. When I was done with the day, I felt like my feet were seriously bleeding. I walked within a 5 block radius of Union Square, going to every cool and hip store/person to personally hand the fliers out. The publisher refused to have me place them at a store so anyone could pick one up.

What To Wear Daily: The Bag.

Since I'm trucking it without a car... I had to find a huge bag that was able to hold everything I needed. Before moving, I found this bag in San Francisco...

It fits everything; a whole outfit, make-up bag, etc. It's awesome. It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs quilted denim bag. This picture below shows a little bit more of the color and texture of the bag.

It's a little disappointing that I can't really wear any of my other bags because of all the stuff I need to carry, but I'm dealing with it. It also has a large zipper on the side of the bag, for easier access.

Also, since the bag is so large... I couldn't have my cash, credit cards and gift cards all over the place. So I went ahead and started to use a wallet that I've had for about 3 years. Really cool soft buttery yellow Marc Jacobs Collection wallet. I got it for a steal of a deal from the Boston store. It was about $400 but I got it for $25. It was actually a limited edition one too. (Gosh... I love that store.)

June 11, 2008

What to Wear Daily.

Since I was going to be walking around everywhere and I wanted to go to publications and ask about internships. I had to wear something somewhat professional, functional and stylish (in the summer) at the same time. So I came to this choice:

Erin Fetherston for Target Dress
Express Collection short shelve sweater
Target electric blue thin belt
Marc Jacobs Collection silver mouse flats

You really can't see the bunny print on the dress or what the mouse flats look like so here's a closer view.

Shopping in SF: Luxury stores

Since I have a few days to myself off from work, I have been spending time catching up on past and present fashion news. I spent almost a whole day inside... so I decided to take the BART out back to SF and just hang around. I was walking around everywhere just to familiarize myself with the city. I was trying to look for the location of this publication company here in SF and found myself going around in circles. I went back and forth to about 4 places about 6 times too many. When I finally got to the location (which was way to late; 5:00pm) I was greeted by the staff that seemed confused about why I was even there at all. Turns out they don't even know if there are intern positions even open... or any positions opened at ALL.

So after that long walk... I went ahead and took a stroll to my favorite street in SF, which is Maiden Lane. I visited Chanel (which had nothing I wanted in my size/it was too expensive still, even on sale), Yves Saint Laurent and then of course... the most frequented store I go to, Marc Jacobs.
Out of all the MJ stores I've gone to all over the country... I'd say that I like the associates there the most. Maybe it's because they know me,
because I have gone there for about 5 years... or it's just the fact that there is always this down to earth feeling in that store... as if it wasn't really actually a expensive luxury store at all. Sometimes when I go to certain stores, I feel like I'm in a museum and I can't touch anything.... there are always people staring at you. Sometimes I'm not even greeted.. and if I am... it's feels like a scold.

The only purchase I made today was for a pair of Marc Jacobs Collection jelly mouse flats.

I got these at a steal. They were 70% off... it was a grand total of $48. I know... some people might think that they can get jelly flats from the Asian Market down the street.. but they aren't the mouse flats! I held off for a long time because I didn't want to spend the $160 these originally are. I can add these to the rest of my mouse flat collection.

where i am...

Right when I moved... I kind of lost touch of who I was a little... because I was trying to fit into the new surroundings... when I should just be myself.

Since I actually have time to myself for once (because I have always been constantly working and going to school)... I got to take a walk around where I'm staying right now.

Some people say that Oakland is really ghetto and what not, but there are some really good places. Like this one... where I live near.