January 21, 2010

What to Wear Daily: Emerald and Lace

(Dolce & Gabbana white lace dress, emerald green cardigan from H&M)

I've owned this lace dress for many years. I was lucky to find it at a consignment store for really cheap when I lived back in Sacramento. It's one of their corset dresses that has a built in bodice and I love it. I don't believe in the whole "don't wear white after labor day" madness.

I just got back from a trip just this past weekend and one of my friends let me listen to this unreleased mix that M83 did for the Deftones new upcoming album. It was pretty exciting. The last time I saw M83, Chino from the Deftones was standing next to me. It was kind of funny because I saw him again at a Beach House show at Bottom of the Hill not very long afterward.

Speaking of Beach House... I got a ticket to their CD Release party in Brooklyn on Tuesday. I'm really excited because I haven't seen them in a while. This venue only fits about 100 people, so it will kind of feel like I was seeing them in SF again.

I'm off prepping for fashion week. I'm already starting to feel tired... Geez... I work too much!

I hope everyone is having a great New Year's so far!

January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

(Vintage necklace, Jil Sander for Uniqlo black cotton dress, Vintage Chanel ring)

I don't have way too many resolutions this year, except that I wanna quit my job this year and get a new one. (: It's not that my job is bad or awful... it's just not something I'd prefer to be doing. Hope all is well guys...

I'm going to be looking forward to fashion week in February. Maybe I'll actually push myself to actually go to Bryant Park. It was so hectic for me last season. I worked everyday and it was really exhausting.