April 25, 2010

Shoe Collection: Alexander McQueen Skull flats

I've owned these for a while... but my brother, Johnny was taking some photos while he was visiting. This is a picture of Phi and I in the Highline Park elevator.

I have owned these shoes for a few years already... so much they need to be soled very badly. I wore them with black Diesel jeans and MM6 blue cardigan.

April 20, 2010

April 9, 2010

Taking a Trip: Tim Burton Exhibit at MoMA

This is my niece and my older sister, Kim. Like mother like daughter right?

If you are in the NYC area please check it out before it ends. I suggest trying to go early on a weekday. We went Easter weekend and it was a zoo in there. The tickets for the small exhibit do sell out and it's not something you want to miss either.

What to Wear Daily: With Mimi

(Me: Tsumori Chisato Owl sweater, San Diego Hat Co. hat; Mimi: Marc by Marc Jacobs Giraffe sweater)

This is my other younger sister Mimi. All of my sisters liked visiting because they didn't have to pack much. I suggested they just borrow something from my closet, which they thoroughly enjoyed. This giraffe sweater is from a really old from early '00s. I originally saw it at a Macy's randomly and I thought it was the most hideous thing... who knew that over a half a decade later, I was obsessed with trying to find it. There is yarn that comes out of the left arm like it's the giraffe's hair. My niece is really into animals, especially giraffes and elephants. Now I can't help but love them too.

It was great to see them. It was overwhelming to have them all at once almost. I had such a great bonding experience with everyone. My brothers will be coming here in 2 weeks. I can't wait.

April 7, 2010

What's in the Closet: Prada Watch

This is a bronze Prada watch from Fall 2005. I'm not a big watch person right now, I used to be obsessed in the early 2000. I had an watch in almost every color. I'm sure I have those watches somewhere in my parents garage back in California, but none of them can bet this watch. This also came in a plastic face that came in an array of colors, but I figure that since a lot of my jewelry is this color, I might as well stick with this.

April 3, 2010

"People call us renegades
Feel like we're living crazy
We like taking on the town
Some people getting lazy"

What to Wear Daily: Guggenheim

(Cindy: Black Rick Owens jacket, white Uniqlo shirt and black jeans;
Me: Christian Blanken grey t-shirt, Blue Margiela (MM6) long cardigan, Diesel Jeans, white H&M beanie)

My family has been visiting me for the past few weeks. I miss my family a lot. I'm part of a large family and we are all really close, I was so happy to see them. First up was my younger sister Cindy. This isn't the best picture (actually, you can't even see her and I don't look so great either) but it was the only one we took together. My family isn't big with taking pictures together for some reason. The jacket she is wearing is her first major designer purchase. It was one of her goals while she was here and of course I was there to help her make the decision. This sweater has been a staple in my uniform lately... any plain shirt and a over sized necklace and jeans.

Cindy wanted to check out the Guggenheim Museum. Not so much the artwork, but the actual building. We also went to the Whitney Museum that day as well. They had some great contemporary and not so great work there, it was fun to see.

On a side note... It's weird to be in NYC and say the word "beanie" and no one knows what I'm talking about. Is it just a West Coast thing? I'm known to lose beanies too. Once I bought a black one at a hat boutique near my house and 4 hours later it was gone... what a waste! I swear I try so hard not to lose things and it just happens anyways...