April 29, 2008

Episode 2: Say No to LiLo.

Ok... I don't understand the dresses with the leggings. Especially leggings with lace trim on the bottom. It makes me cringe. Do girls really take fashion advance from Lindsay Lohan? Come on... LiLo (a term from Nymag.com's The Cut) is a train wreck... so do you want to be as well?

This doesn't look flattering on her at all. It doesn't show any shape to her body. She is also wearing flip flops. I know living in California makes you want to wear flips flops, but white patent leather ones with a wooden sole and black tights over a dress?!

I caught this fashion DON'T while I was on my college campus. She is not the only victim with this problem. While walking from and to two different classes, I spotted 5 different girls that loved wearing leggings with either a baggy shirt or a dress with flip flops. I do have this bias against flip flops, even though there is nothing wrong with wearing them. (Sorry, they just disgust me because of all the dirt built up on your feet by having them so exposed. I hope people that constantly wear flip flops... constantly wash their feet.)

Just because LiLo is planning to start a leggings line in the near future, doesn't mean you should be wearing them from now until then.

(Linsday Lohan in leggings from Splashnews)

April 25, 2008

Vogue Italia makes entire issue featuring black models.

(Jourdan Dunn and Daiane Conterato backstage at Prada show from Style.com)

I heard some breaking news in the past few days about Vogue Italia. According to Vogue.com, Jourdan Dunn, will make history by being on the cover of Vogue Italia. Dunn walked the catwalk during Prada's Fall show this past season. The last black female to be able to grace Prada's shows was Naomi Campbell in 1997. Dunn, along with other non-white models, will be photographed by Steven Meisel.

This is really exciting to hear, especially since "I'm colored." I never realize that Vogue hasn't done this. Maybe I just never thought race was such a huge deal. (I live in the most integrated city in the U.S.) But it's true and it needs to change. Hopefully this will become a trend for all the other fashion magazines because our world is definitely full of color.

(Dunn's walk at Prada show. Style.com)

Nigo opens A Bathing Ape store in L.A.

Imfamous Japanese designer, Nigo, has finally opened up a store in Los Angeles, according to WWD. "[He] opened his second U.S. store for A Bathing Ape, the estimated $70 million label he founded in 1993, joining Melrose neighbors such as Paul Frank, Agent Provocateur, G-Star and Tarina Tarantino."

It's about time Nigo has decided to move to the west coast. People have been hurting for a store of his here. Nigo is another hip hop artist and great designer that has collabroated with luxury designers. More notably when he collabroated with Fendi. Even though Nigo is more commonly known as a designer for BAPE, he is also co-owner and head designer for Pharrell's line Billionaire Boys Club. He also has the one of largest collections of Planet of the Apes memorabilla (amongst other things), hence his labels name.

Nigo has been a designer I have been watching closely for a few years and I love that fact that his empire keeps growing. He started off with silkscreening about 50 t-shirts and usually gave it away to friends and family. Now look at his empire... his street wear is saught after so much that his stuff gets ripped off everywhere (check my article about counterfeit goods). As a designer,you must feel flattered and pissed off at the same time when your stuff gets knocked off.

I remember reading an article about him in W Magazine a couple years back saying he might get together with Marc Jacobs, but haven't heard about anything sense. Come on boys... you need to get together. ASAP.

Pharrell's Blason jewelry for LV makes it's debut.

(Pharrell Williams in Louis Vuitton Ad Fall/Winter '06-'07)

Pharrell Williams has already designed sunglasses for Louis Vuitton a few seasons back. I remember that they cost anywhere from $800 to $1200 a pair (I went ahead and called the store for my brother that was looking sunglasses... and his Million Dollar glasses were $1000). I didn't have the cash for that then... and I won't have the cash now for his new jewelry line for Louis Vuitton that will be launching via their website on Monday.

I like seeing well-dressed hip-hop moguls collaborating with luxury designers, especially Pharrell. Pharrell has this really cool persona that other hip hop artists don't have and I can't really put my figure on it. In many ways, I don't really look at him as just a hip hop artist and I never have. He didn't have a name until N.E.R.D. I don't feel like he is completely mainstream or overdone. He isn't labeled as this or that. He is labeled as someone successful with whatever he touches and he has done it slowly, which is key on staying up on top for a long time.

When I first heard about Pharrell collaborating with Marc Jacobs with sunglasses, I was really excited to see what that would do to the hip hop community. Also, what would be defined as street wear. Street wear is huge industry and there are tons of people out there willing to pay a lot of money to get the lastest and greatest. Also, they love to own what their favorite artists are wearing. I like the fact that street wear designers has been mixing with luxury brands. I hope that keeps up.

April 24, 2008


Since this blog is really new to me... I don't know what direction I want to go into. Besides giving you fashion news which is something that MANY (upon many) blogs/news sources already do... what would you like to hear from me? Or what would you like to see?

I really don't want this to start being about something negative, which an important someone said to me last night.

What I'd really like to do is do something like The Sartorialist but obviously with my own kind of twist. Since I do not live in an extreme major city, it's really hard to find people with style. It's not like I'm able to go to these great cities all over the world and be able to walk around for hours to photograph people. I don't even have a camera (which will change in the next few months by the way), but in the mean time, I'd like you guys to direct me towards something that would work best for me. I don't want it to be a repeat of something else that is REALLy easy thing to do. So what do you think?

If you can't comment... please email me.

April 22, 2008

Nautica Women's Wear is KICKED to the curb.

Nautica Women's Wear no longer exists as of TODAY. So, take as much in as you can while it lasts ladies.

VF Corp, which owns Nautica and John Varvatos, increased by 7.7 percent, which meant $149 million in earnings as of March 31st. Nautica Women's Wear has declined 11 percent this past quarter though, which was the reason why they kicked the line towards the exit door. This breaking news has been made official ladies and gents. You can go ahead and use my boxes of Kleenex on my desk if you run out.

But really... who ever even wore Nautica stuff past the year 2000, during the mega boom of American sportswear designers? Maybe if I got it on sale for 75% off and I needed another navy and white stripped hoodie... maybe then I would. Besides that, VF Corp didn't get any of my earnings.

Hockey Players as Fashionist...OOHs?!

Turns out the most hated hockey player, Sean Avery of the Rangers, will be interning for Vogue this summer. Avery's $2 million contract with the hockey team actually allows him to get the summers off, so the 28 year old can pursue his leisurely interests.

Good thing Anna Wintour accepted him after he sent her a letter asking for the internship, otherwise he would probably have to duke it out with someone in the Vogue accessories closet for their slot.

April 20, 2008

Go away Croc!

I don't understand the whole sensation with crocs. They aren't flattering and they don't look comfortable either. It's just basically a rain boot (but chunkier looking) that has been hole punched so you can wear them during the summer. These things are everywhere and it needs to stop. I'm sure anyone that owns a pair has more than one.

In 2007, crocs increased an amazing 607%. That's just insane. They made $830 million last year on these shoes, which made them the top growth in revenue. Now they are banking on cellphone accessories. I don't know who will actually buy these things, but when I spotted these... I couldn't help but cringe.

Other brands that made it on the top ten list are Sketchers and Steve Maddens. Two other brands I just dislike. They are poorly made shoes and they are knockoffs of everything. I guess in a way, it's a good thing because people are able to afford Steve Maddens over Manolos but they are so uncomfortable. I worked in a shoe department for the longest time so I got to see the quality of the shoes after so much wear from people. These things just loved to fall apart, but they were really popular, so I'm not surprised by their increase in revenue.

But trust me, you will never catch me in any pairs of these shoes...

April 18, 2008

Episode 1: "Say No to Ho."

I don't know what's more awful... the fact she is wearing really tight denim shorts with a white bustier top or the fact she is wearing white fishnet thigh highs with a hot pink garter belt and patent leather white flats. Yeah... i know... it's just everything. Mind you, this girl is a really cute girl, cute face, petite body... I am not trying to bring her down (which is one of the reasons why I will not show faces) but this outfit should NEVER... EVER be worn in public.

There is this epidemic with what girls wear at night. Even though it's freezing outside, they will still dress like it's summer. Simon Doonan, Creative Director for Barney's New York, has a book coming out called Eccentric Glamour. He talks about this epidemic where women wear less and less clothing and start to look like strippers. He has the saying, "Say No to Ho," which is what girls need to live by. It's understandable if your in the field, but 99.9% of the time, you're not. So, please stop doing it. Keep it for behind closed doors... or how about not wearing that at all... EVER.

I can't handle going out and looking at what girls wear. I get so disappointed by the choices that people make. I don't know who made up this code where "less is best," but please stop. Please don't wear clinging dresses that are way too short and 2 sizes too small and then decide to dance on the pole. We don't want to see your goods more than we already have to. We are not watching at how sexy you look dancing around the pole, it's more like we are trying to figure out how your friends even allowed you to leave your place in that outfit. Honestly, since they did, they really don't love you like they say. Plus, don't wear a dress that is displaying your "tramp stamp" of a butterfly too. So, maybe dollar bill donations you will receive from the pole dancing will help you out on surgically removing it.

Ladies, there is always ways to look sexy without bearing it all... and it doesn't include white fishnets and flats or a tramp stamp.

Passing Notes: Beavers at the club...

E: If your not going to dance, at least act like your having fun.

H: (Inserts fake model smile.) What are you talking about? I'm entertained.

E: Yeah... that girls beaver is all over the place.

H: I know! Thank god she is wearing panties.

E: Her beaver is working so hard, it's almost done building a dam...

April 17, 2008

Paris BANS thin models.

(Natasha Poly from V Magazine)

The National Assembly in France passed a bill that would imprison someone for up to 3 years and up to $70,000 to anyone who "incited excessive thinness." The bill that was passed on Tuesday hopes to stop pro-annorexia in magazines, websites and blogs. "However, it's unclear how the law would apply to ads, magazine spreads, and runway shows, nor has it been defined what "excessive thinness" means — which is why the fashion industry thinks none of this will really apply to them no matter what," says NY Magazine. To make it become a law it has to pass to the Senate.

This bill is too vague and it will probably run into a lot of problems, but at least they are trying to do something about it.

Nina Garcia and Elle Update.

(Nina Garcia in Elle's Accessories Closet from www.Boston.com)

Now you have to scratch what I said about Nina Garcia before. Turns out she is
actually given the title of being Editor at Large, instead. She hasn't made an official decision yet, but Project Runway has and renewed her contract for another season at least. Harvey Weinstein has said he is pretty confident she is going to be coming back on the show.

In other Elle news, looks like there is a new reality show in process called Perfect Fit, where contestants compete for a spot to be a fashion assistant at Elle Magazine. It's creative directors are Tyra Banks and Joe Zee, Elle's creative director. I actually found out about this show and was thinking about joining in, until I read through the questionnaire they made you fill out. They had questions like, "What designer brand would you not be caught dead wearing?" or "Which celebrity would you make over and why?" and also, "How do you act like when your drunk?" I just decided to veto the whole thing when I figured out that it didn't really matter how much knowledge you even knew about the fashion industry to even be a part of it. Plus reality shows are just there for the drama, not necessarily to help you out much in the end. The show probably would probably end up making me look like some adjective that I'm not because the editors of the show are just that great with putting all the video footage together.

But on the other hand, I can't help but be anxious to see how the show ends up turning out. I'm going to be tuned in.

Passing Notes: Night and Day.

M: I use to have this saying, "watch out for your guys.."

H: What?

M: Yeah... it was a running joke.

H: Seriously...?! I'm so embarrassed.

April 16, 2008

Audrey Tatou takes Nicole Kidman's place.

Turns out there is a possibility that Audrey Tautou (Amelie) will be the new face for Chanel's signature fragrance, No.5. She will be replacing Nicole Kidman, which has been the face of the fragrance recently. Seems like Tautou will be reunited with Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Amelie, to do the commercial. She is currently filming for her lead in the production Coco avant Chanel, a biography celebrating fashion designer Coco Chanel. Since Nicole is about to pop anytime soon, looks like it would be a good marketing idea for the company.

(Audrey Tautou and Coco Chanel ) source

April 15, 2008

Passing Notes.

(notes circa '99)

Since my move just recently, I was able to look at a few things I wouldn't normally try to look at everyday. I went through pictures that I have saved since I was in the 6th grade, which I hope doesn't get leaked on the internet somehow because I would have to sue for invasion of privacy under embarrassing facts. (Just to give you a visual, there was a 3 foot '96 sign in white block letters behind me in the photo.)

Anyways, before everyone was able to even afford a cell phone, my friends and I use to write notes to each other each period. We used metallic pens and wrote in slang with really messy handwriting. I could barely even make out what I wrote. We would buy really cool notebooks and write to each other back and forth, so the letters were in chronological order. There were lot of implications about what was going on in our lives. I don't know about everyone else's life, but life for me was very difficult. I had a lot going on at home. And my friends... they just made me everything a lot easier for me. I really want to thank the people that were in my life when I was in my teens because they made me feel really loved.

Anyways, each note (like the one shown above) consisted of us saying hi or how much we care about each other 70% of the time. To think at that time, all I had to worry about was going to school and doing whatever my parents tell me. I didn't have to worry about working to pay off all the things I have. At that time, you could enjoy the time you had, because you didn't have to work and it was all right because you didn't have to.

Another goal I hope to achieve is to write a coming of age story that was based on my life. I hoped sometimes that I wrote down everything that was going on, on paper just to have a thorough record of it, but I was too scared someone would read it. Blogs didn't exist at that time like they do now. I think that kids go through so much and I hope I never forget that when I have children. Kids hide so much from their true feelings about what is going on in their lives. I was a really strong kid at such a young age.

Just to let you know, there's going to be a lot of times I will be vague about my personal life. I feel kind of awkward about really going in to depth about my personal life, but I think that I imply a lot of things to make you wonder. I really prefer you to think that then actually know.

April 14, 2008

No more young models in Australia.

(Monika Jagaciak on the cover of Harper's Bazaar)

WWD announced that models under the age of 16 will be banned from the catwalks in Australia. The final blow came when a provocative publicity image of Monika Jagaciak, only 14 years old, was sent to an Australian paper. Geez... when I was 14, I barely knew how to french kiss, let alone take sexy photos.

April 13, 2008

Summer has come early.

(my living room)

Last night, there was this art walk that was happening around the neighborhood that I live in. I was such a hot night, I didn't have to wear a light sweater for once. Everyone always seems to look forward to summer, except me. Yes, I do like to finally be able to wear one of the million dresses I own. I do like walking in the sand by the ocean with the sun beating down on me, but you forget all the other things to make you hate it. The fact that you can never sit on anything leather without having to peel yourself off. The fact that you will be never be cool. The fact you can't stop sweating, which in turn makes you feel worried if you smell like awful B.O. No matter how many showers you take a day, you still feel the same way even if you didn't. The list goes on.

It's always the summer when people are more willing to leave their homes. Places are jammed packed and you are just a small fish in a sardine can. Nights are always longer during the summer. Yesterday was a good night because everyone was roaming all over my neighborhood. So much I had to park 2 blocks away.

I met my friends up a local boutique. Turns out my friend Robbie's band was playing, but I got there right when they finished. I actually drove by and saw the huge crowd, but decided to drop my car off at my apartment so I could avoid anything bad from happening with drunk driver around the grid. I sat and talked to them for about 15 minutes and left off to my favorite hang out.

It was back to normal. The place wasn't busy for a few months because of regulations from the fire department saying that their capacity was suppose to be lower than what was told to them before. I was happy that they were making money, but there was an unfamiliar feeling about being in a place were it was hard to even find your friends that you see there all the time. I'm glad the place is making money, so my friends pockets aren't so empty.

There were girls in summer dresses on, which was great. I'm all about dresses and femininity, but some of these girls were just over the top. Everything was overdone with some of them. Too much makeup (you should know to wear it light so you won't sweat it off), too much product in their hair, and dresses that don't fit them right. Things should really look effortless. Women in the most basic things, like a wife beater and shorts and cool jewelry look best, even with men. When I've gone out, guys look best in a crisp white v-neck shirt and well-fitted jeans and nice sneakers. I know that looking effortless isn't really achievable, but there is nothing less attractive than someone that looks like they are just trying to hard.

April 12, 2008

Elle says "peace out" to Nina Garcia.

(Brian Atwood and Nina Garcia from parkavepeerage.com)

What? This doesn't make sense. Even though Elle is one of the largest fashion publications, Nina definitely boosted their sales from being on "Project Runway."

"Elle is said to have parted company with its fashion director and “Project Runway” star and author Nina Garcia sources said late Friday," says WWD. The word has been circling around for months that Nina was going to be leaving after Joe Zee showed up as the creative director in spring 2007, when she was on maternity leave.

According to New York Magazine, The Cut, Nina's office was completely boxed and packed up waiting int he hallways to be shipped to her home in the Upper Eastside. "Nina's demonstrative speaking behind closed doors (made visible by a glass partition) also prompts one to believe that she was not leaving of her own accord."

Now where is Nina going to go?

April 11, 2008

Deal or No Deal?!

(Christian Louboutin Newspaper Bling Clutch, $1,100; Marc Jacobs Suede Mary Jane Pumps, $595)

You have 2 more days with the sale that www.Saks.com is having online. If you spend over $400 on shoes, you can get a $150 gift card. Just make sure when you check out you use to promo code SHOES. But if you want an even bigger gift card for $400, you have to spend over $1000 on handbags with promo code HANDBAGS.

Sounds like a good deal right? A gift card for $400 can buy you a matching pair of shoes with that $1k handbag you just got... but is it worth it? In order to get the gift card you have to spend so much money, to get more money that you can spend. If you're a person that spends that much on handbags and purses anyways... that gift card will probably just cover your sales tax on the purchases you had to make in order to get it.

Knockoffs are getting the SMACKDOWN.

(Marc Jacobs Patchwork Stam in cherry, $1,550 @ www.eluxury.com)

The NY Police have been on a roll!

Turns out that they have been investigating this matter for an extremely long time and they are hitting all the hot spots one month at a time...

WWD confirms that "an eight-month counterfeiting investigation culminated in raids on four Long Island locations Thursday, yielding a trove of apparel and accessories.

New York State Police and Suffolk County Police raided three commercial locations and one residence and started confiscating what private investigators involved in the case estimated will be more than $750,000 in fake merchandise. Police did not return calls for comment."

Maybe since they have been cracking down on this matter, Mr. Jacobs can go ahead and lower the prices for some of his bags...? Come on... you already have more than half my salary, why not just help me out this one time?

The Italian Mogul.

Whatever Giorgio Armani touches is golden. I think every guy in the world has owned (or still owns) a bottle of Aqua di Gio. He has one of the only fashion empires that have consistently increase profits annually. There are so many brands under the Armani name, there's no way I can list them all. I don't think he is ever going to stop expanding either.

According to WWD, "his fashion empire registered a 17 percent increase in operating profits in 2007, the 73-year-old designer said Thursday he expects further retail expansion worldwide will fuel growth this year and ease any market-specific downturns in consumer spending."

Just like his fashion house, Armani has also aged gracefully. I can't believe he is really 73 years old. It seems like he looks exactly the same since I was born. I like to see that he works just as hard now, as he did when he started his line.

This is such a great picture that The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, took of him. He has a good story on how he got the photo too. Check it out here.

CBGB's take over.

Some people don't really realize what has happened to CBGB. Especially those that don't live in New York City. This video is from the NY Post with John Varvatos going thru his store.

He incorporated as much as he could with the history of the club and his own vision of his line. No matter who took over the space, no one will react to it in a completely positive way, because that is an historic music venue that you can't replace. People just have to realize that things come and go and there will always be something new. Maybe even something better.

Anna Sui Fall Winter 08/09 Womenswear.

Anna Sui has always mixed fashion with rock n roll. I've always had a large connection between the two. They are my favorite obsessions in the world and if you were to ever meet me and discuss either one of these subjects, you'd be in for a long night. (;

Animal Collective - Grass (live)

I have seen Animal Collective a handful of times. I was really excited when I found out that I didn't have to drive too far for once to see them. This was absolutely their best show I've seen them play. It was a mixture of the crowd and the amazing small space (I've seen them at the Great American Music Hall and The Fillmore) called The Library. They probably crammed about 350 people into a place that can fit about 250.

When you watch the video you can see the excitement in the crowd. It's amazing that everyone was like that, even myself. The last time I ever acted like that was when I was in high school. It felt so good that night. Live music can still make me feel completely alive and free, even when I get older and I hope that continues. Everyone that wasn't there missed out. It's good to know that I'm not the only Animal Collective fan. Anna Sui played Panda Bear at the beginning of her Fall 08/09 runway show. Panda Bear is the lead singer for Animal Collective. They are one of the most innovative bands in the past few years and a band to watch. I'll post the Anna Sui show in a bit.

April 9, 2008


Just this past weekend, I was in Long Beach, CA visiting my good friends Matt and Mandy. They moved down there like 6 months ago when Matt's job placed him there. I haven't seen them since Halloween weekend and I figured since I actually had the weekend off, it was finally a good time to see them.

When we went to this restaurant called Open Sesame on 2nd Street, there was like a 45 minute wait. The place was great but it was just jammed packed. I was literally sitting next to the person at the next table. I was hard to have to listen to their conversation while eating my spicy hummus.

But during the wait, I went to this store next door that sold random things for the home and really cool jewelry. I was able to find this for 50% off.

(necklace: $59.99; earrings: $39.99 = $50 + tax including discount)

I know it's not the best picture. I had to take this picture with my Blackberry. It's one of the most unique pieces I've seen in a really long time. It's made from Danish designers, Pilgrim. It's antique gold with bird claws hold on to the charms on the necklace and the black glass beads. There was also this amazing pearl ring, where the band was almost a wide as the pearl itself. Too bad that ring couldn't fit on my fat finger... *sigh* I'd be wearing it right now.

April 8, 2008

Roberto Cavalli for Sale.

According to WWD, Roberto Cavalli is up for grabs. Turns out Cavalli has been talking about it for the last 18 months but hasn't found a good suitor.

Cavalli's designs have been sought after by celebrities and socialites for more than 40 years. Cavalli designed Jennifer Lopez's whole waredrobe during her last tour to keep her pregnancy a secret, but instead Cavalli slipped and accidentally told reporters the news.

Even though he launched a must-have line for H&M and has expanded his distribution, the privately owned company, will have to start the bidding process soon. The luxury line hasn't been growing as quickly as they originally thought.

Recent estimates value Cavalli in the region of 1.2 billion euros, or $1.89 billion at current exchange, well short of the 2 billion euro, or $3.14 billion, price tag the designer is believed to have slapped on the business he set up more th
an 40 years ago," says WWD. Cavalli has rejected offers for about $1.6 billion (USD) because he "wanted to maintain a majority of his stake in any prospective deal..."

With the economy going into a recession, it might look like Cavalli might have to take that deal.

(Roberto Cavalli Fall 2008, Images from www.Style.com)

John Varvatoes takes over CBGB.

(Images of CBGB from New York Magazine)

Music lovers were devastated when they heard the news that CBGB was going to shut down it's doors after four decades of rock and roll. Some have been wondering what happened to that vacant space. Turns out the John Varvatos, more commonly known as a guest designer for Converse, has taken over the space.

Varvatos started his career as a American contemporary menswear designer in 1983. He has worked for Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Nautica, but finally in fall of 1999, he decided to create his own line.

Just this past Saturday, he unveiled his new store on 315 Bowery in the East Village. Varvatos has replaced the legendary CBGB club into one of his upscale stores but with the history of the club in mind. He tried to keep it's music history within the store by selling old vintage record players, records and displays of concert posters all over the store... but everyone realizes that it's space that you can't replace.

You can watch a video from New York Magazine here.

Internship Update.

I have been waiting for months for a call back or even a rejection email from any of the major establishments I've applied for in NYC... and I've received absolutely nothing. So, I figured that it was either:

1. They just have too many resumes to run through and they are just taking their time going through them. (This is what I called the optimistic side of me... something I like to call my "Arlene-side.")

2. My cover letter and resume. (And trust me I went to multiple sites for cover letters and resumes to make the perfect one. I even looked at fashion message boards on what I should have.)

Since I haven't been optimistic, I've decided to choose... (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!)


I know, right? It's not a big surprise. Since, I'm still attending school, I decided I should finally make use of the resources that I've been paying for, for so many years. So, off I was to the career center for them to tell me "how it is." They were extremely helpful on how to organize my resume and what to highlight first and keywords to use. Besides that, the person at the career center had absolutely NO CLUE on where to even guide me to even jump start my career. (I even had to give her tips on where to go to even look for magazine internships.) Every person, no matter what their profession, has told me the same exact thing. "You should try to go a local publication... or maybe you shouldn't apply for something so big."

I'm sorry, but I always want to think BIG, despite if I get rejected. I'm going through this trial and error thing when it comes to getting my foot in the door and it's okay. It only took me 2 weeks for the resume I already have, now it's gonna take another week. I'm a writer and it's all about editing something to make it better.

So, hopefully something in the near future (like in the next few months) you'll hear my success story.

April 7, 2008

McQueen finally opens a store on West Coast.

(Images from www.Style.com)

Alexander McQueen, one of the most innovative designers in the past 14 years, has finally decided to open a flagship store off Melrose Avenue (near Marc Jacobs stores) in Los Angeles. McQueen opened his first U.S. store in New York in the infamous Meat-Packing District in 2002; then recently just in Las Vegas.

Don't worry about Paris Hilton running around downtown L.A. with one of his gowns. He hopes "
if she comes past the shop, hopefully she'll just keep walking," says McQueen, according to the L.A. Times, "I don't really covet that sort of thing."

I have been getting things shipped from his New York store for years. It's good to know that I don't have to take a trip to New York to see his whole collection in person. Even though his collection is not something you would wear everyday (or something you can afford) there is this elegance and feminine/masculine theme with all of his collections, which has been always amazing to watch.

The store will be opened Tuesday, but he will be having a grand opening party for his store on May 13th. Celebrities will be pouring in to see his new store. So, who wants to crash the party... raise your hand?

April 4, 2008

don't FAKE it.

(from www.eluxury.com)

Counterfeit goods have been made for decades, but just recently the NYC police has been cracking down on counterfeiters. They raided the famous Canal Street in Chinatown (NY) in February. The police seized over $1 million in knockoff accessories and fragrances, that included Prada, Coach, Fendi, Gucci, Dior and Burberry.

Just hours before Marc Jacobs and Takashi Murakami's Louis Vuitton exhibit was going to be unveiled in Brooklyn, the police raided Queens. According to WWD, the warehouse carried over $5 million in fake handbags and sneakers, anywhere from fakes Vuitton handbags to Nike footwear and Bathing-Ape jogging suits. There were "more than 50,000 handbags, 65,000 pairs of Nike shoes and... 6,000 two-piece jogging suits" in a large two-level building.

I don't think people understand the extent of how illegal it is to by counterfeit goods. Prices for luxury goods have been increasing because of the counterfeiting industry growing.

I don't understand why people even wear or buy counterfeit goods. The reason why you would want a monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag is because you want the status that comes along with it. Now, how do you have the status when it's fake? Not everyone can afford it, but people forget that it's illegal to be buying it.

April 3, 2008


Even though shoes are having their runway moment right now, bags have been a major focus in the past few years as well. Consumers have been pushing towards purchasing luxury goods and handbags that are long lasting, everyday wear items.

According to
WWD, Coach Handbags are the most recognized brand when it comes to consumers. I don't have anything against the people who carry the bags, but it's a pet peeve of mine and I can't handle it. Everywhere I travel, whether it be anywhere in the U.S. or even Southeast Asia, these logo bags are everywhere. Even in Honolulu, Hawaii, the abundance of Coach stores makes it look like the Starbucks of handbags. The brand has grown to be worth $2.6 billion, and if consumers continue to buy their products, they hope to make it $5 billion in the next few years.

Coach is definitely a brand that is more accessible than Louis Vuitton that got the number 2 slot. At least you can get a Coach bag on sale at any major department store, but at Louis Vuitton... not so much. Louis Vuitton never goes on sale, let alone their prices never go down. Only about 2% of people carrying Louis Vuitton bags have the real deal, which is a extremely low percentage considering the monogrammed bags have been around for decades. On average, a Coach bag is $400, a price that is more attainable in suburban America, but why not choose something without the logos? For example:

Alright, I know it's little steep (on official Coach website, $4800) but it definitely looks a lot more sophisticated than the first one photographed above. Plus an exotic ostrich bag will always end up costing more.

Or you can always go a different route and not choose a Louis or Coach and get a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, which is just as trendy, but less people are carrying it around. Prices on Marc by Marc bags are close to Coach ones. On average probably like $450 and they are available at Macy's and Nordstrom stores. If you don't have either of those stores in your town, you can always get them on http://www.nordstrom.com or http://www.eluxury.com.

April 2, 2008

covers of magazines... airbrushed?!

Really... like we didn't know that every single magazine in the world was properly airbrushed or digitally altered... but I guess it's all the young impressionable minds that don't know.

According to WWD, The British Fashion Council says that airbrushing "images play in perpetuating an "unachievable aesthetic," digitally enhanced images." They started to question this in December. The Periodical Publishers Association is going to have a meeting with BFC to work on the issue, but no date has been set in stone yet. "No guidelines have been drawn up governing the magazines' use of airbrushing... rather than limiting magazines' use of digital manipulation, publications could instead be asked to declare if an image had been altered... [by] declar[ing] if an image had been altered."

BFC already had a Model Health Inquiry during fashion week last season, when a model died from starving herself. Is it going to make a difference? Maybe... but even photos on Myspace are altered to look better in order to get more hits and "friends" on their list. Do people just need to be reminded of that? Even the cover of British Vogue this month (above) has Victoria Beckham that has had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. The rest of the celebrity machine does it too... some just hide it better than others.

So, does it matter? Or does the world want to see what it looks like to be flawless, even though there's digital altering?

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April 1, 2008


I have been slowly moving my stuff in the past week into my new apartment. The first thing I pretty much moved over was my shoes... and I had to move them all over at once (well john had to move them too). I haven't kept track of my shoe collection in the past 2 years, because I just really didn't want to know how much of my salary has been invested into them. From all the boxes that are visible, I counted up to 100 and then immediately stopped.

Recently, in a article from the L.A. Times called,
"Manolo lovers feel financial pain at the pump," shoes are having their "runway moment." Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie, in Sex and the City probably made this a universal phenomenon. I knew of Manolo Blahnik from growing up fashion obsessed, but the rest of the world had no clue. Now retailers "mark up shoes 2.4 to three times the wholesale price. (On clothes and bags, the average markup is generally twice the wholesale price.)"

Come on ladies... what are you trying to do to me? Just stop buying shoes... or at least go ahead and wait for them to go on sale.

My shoe obsession started before I even discovered SATC (I finally payed attention during the 5th season because of my roommate, Arlene). I worked in a shoe department for a major department store almost 5 years. I got my first pair of designer shoes at 19. A pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs teal flats, that look like they are in relatively brand new condition because I had them resoled twice already. That's one great thing about designer shoes... you can always make them brand new again. So, besides having a large bill from MJ himself, I also get a large bill for my amazing shoe repair guy, but it beats trying to find another pair to replace them for $400.